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Select your desired sport under your school name, complete all forms, and pay with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. If you qualify for Free or Reduced lunch, please select the appropriate option under each sport.

Want to be a Team Manager?
Select "Manager/Stats" under the season for which you are registering and complete all of the online forms. No payment required.

Welcome to the RPS High School Athletic/Activities Registration and Payment Website

On this site you will be able to complete the Minnesota State High School league forms, find additional activity documents and pay school activity / athletic fees. Take a moment to review your payment options indicated on the left side of this page, then press the button below to begin.  Note: This site works best with Firefox. Please DO NOT use Internet Explorer.

NEW Login process for the 2018-19 School Year:

Please read PDF instructions below or watch video regarding new User Account login process.  We have already created a Student Account Profile for you. However, you will no longer login to your student account by Primary Phone number and Students Birth date.

You must first create a PARENT User Account and then connect to your student record(s) by their Student ID# and Date of Birth.

If after viewing the video or reading PDF instructions below you still require help creating a User Account then contact our support center at 1-800-934-2621.

View Video new User Account setup

High School Athletic Registration

Once in the catalog, be sure to select the Program Year labeled "Summer 2018 & School Year 18-19".

Non-Athletic High School Activities

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